Nordictrack X11i Incline Trainer Review by WhichIconTreadmill
2013 Nordictrack X11i Treadmill Review

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Good Points

  • The defining feature of an incline trainer is obviously its steep incline. With the X11i, you get an impressive 40% max incline and 6% decline. As impressive as its incline-decline range may be, it is nonetheless matched by its much more affordable little brothers, the X9i and X7i.
  • It seems that for the coming 2013 season, Nordictrack and Proform have started a new trend and that is offering 3 years for its labor warranty. Though it’s not at all uncommon to see lifetime parts warranty (less so from ICON), it is extremely rare to see a labor warranty longer than 2 years
  • If you having a serious addiction to using the internet, you satisfy that urge by surfing the web on the treadmill’s Android browser. The 10” console may not hold a candle to your usual computer setup, but we assure you that a 10” console is almost as large as they come by in the treadmill world in 2012/2013.
  • A 62” long belt beats out probably 95% of what’s currently out there in the market. This is also more than adequately powered by a monstrous 4.0 CHP motor.


Bad Points

  • For the price you’re paying, we would have hoped the X11i came with a longer parts warranty, adjustable cushioning or a built-in TV. Since these are all features that exist on other Nordictrack treadmills, don’t be surprised to find it on the 2014 model or on the not yet but likely to be released X13i.
  • A review price of $2299 is not very appealing
  • Requires purchase of an iFit subscription to use its iFit features


The Nordictrack X11i incline trainer is the best incline trainer on the market in 2012/2013 but it is also the most expensive. Compared to its more affordable siblings, the X11i features the same incline and decline range but shows improvements in other areas such as a more powerful motor, a longer labor warranty and a higher weight capacity. In our opinion, the $300 to $500 price difference between it and the X9i is not entirely justified.


In our opinion, unless you want the best incline trainer money can buy, this is the right choice. For the rest of you, we’re going to recommend the X9i or X7i instead because it’s much more affordable and you’re not losing much in the process.


2012/2013 Price Guide

Excellent Deal At $1650 / Great Deal At $1900 / Good Deal At $2200

Burn calories five times faster – that’s the promise of the NordicTrack X11i Inclne Trainer. When it comes to cutting edge features, NordicTrack never fails. The brand offers a variety of trainers for new  and advanced users alike.


The NordicTrack X11i boasts of a 40% incline that comes matched with a -6% decline feature. This is something that is uncommon in most machines. This feature when combined with iFit Technology and the innovation of Google Maps , can give the runner an authentic running experience


The X11i is pre-loaded with 44 workout programs. All of these programs are designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and can answer the user’s calorie-burning, intensity, speed, and incline needs when working out. One can easily adjust the speed, incline, and decline with just a swipe of a finger.


Another cutting edge feature of the NordicTrack X11i is that it comes with a 10” iFit tablet. Users can enjoy surfing the web while working out on the 10” fully colored touch screen Android-powered tablet. One can also track his or her progress (speed, distance, heart rate, etc.) at the swipe of a finger.


Convenience is a guarantee with the X11i Incline Trainer. It comes with a reflex cushioning system that ensures the user’s joints and body gets the least impact from using the machine. Moreover, it is equipped with a pair of autobreeze workout fans and it also sports a compatible music port for iPod.


The NordicTrack X11i is built for the user who loves variety and who is always up for a challenge. This treadmill is innovative as one can always get the newest and latest workout programs by means of iFit Technology. Getting the NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer can without question give one his or her money’s worth.

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