Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i Treadmill Review -
2013 Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i Treadmill Review

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GET THE 2013 Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i FOR $2999

Good Points

  • The Nordictrack X9i introduced for 2012 is the newest and the most sophisticated incline trainer on the market today. It has improved over the older X7i model in several ways including: a slightly larger 10” touch screen console, 7” added to the treadbelt’s length (62” total), an additional wireless chest pulse monitor, 14 more built in workouts, built-in internet browser and most importantly, a much needed and improved parts/electronics and labor warranty
  • An incline trainer’s most impressive function is of course the incline and the X9i tops out at 40%
  • Besides the incline, the X9i also features a 6% decline which makes the X9i’s the incline/decline range the widest on the market today
  • Whereas the incline trainers of the past all featured short 1 year parts and labor warranty, the X9i is the first to feature the usual 5 year parts and 2 years labor found on non-incline trainer treadmills. Perhaps this is Nordictrack’s way of saying that it has improved the quality and engineering of these experimental incline trainers to the point where it is equally reliable as its other products
  • The “i” in X9i refers to its interactive features most notably the iFit Live technology which is a feature that interacts with but not limited to the website.
  • If you can’t get away from your computer even when you’re working out, you might appreciate the Android powered internet browser as well

Bad Points

  • Incline trainers unlike your run of the mill treadmills are priced slightly higher and probably disproportionate to its features. Another way to think of this is you’re paying a premium for the ultra-high incline.
  • We would have liked to see a slightly more powerful motor considering the size of the belt which by the way, one of the longest we’ve seen at 62”. Perhaps Nordictrack is trying to cut costs a little because most users are buying for the max 40% incline instead of the 12 MPH max speed which is more taxing to the motor
  • As we don’t know the roller and max weight of the product, we are only slightly comforted by the fact that is has a better warranty


  • Normally, we expect a Nordictrack product with a retail price of $2999 to sell for around the $1750 mark when it’s on sale but there is a good chance that this incline trainer will never sell for below $2000. As we mentioned above, you’re essentially paying a premium for the incline which is its main selling points. If you’re NOT going to make use of the incline trainer, most of the still otherwise impressive features such as the internet browser or iFit Live module can be found in the other Nordictrack treadmills which are $500-$1000 less.
  • The Nordictrack X9i is one impressive looking machine but comes at a premium. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this at $1750 and even at $2000, it’s still a worthwhile purchase but probably a little too expensive for some. But at the time of review, a sale price of $2499 is still a little rich for our blood but not necessarily a bad choice for those who like to splurge.

Are you looking a quality gym machine? Worried that you'll buy the wrong one? With the Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i Interactive, you'll worry no more. This machine has commendable features guaranteed to make every penny spent worth it.


With the 3 CHP Durx Commercial Motor, you'll have a productive workout every time. This motor was made for heavy-duty workouts. Worry not of over-working the motor. Now you can workout for as long as you want too!


Jam with your favorite tunes with the compatible music port of iPod. Get a hold of your iPod, plug it in, and pump up the volume. Say goodbye to boring workouts and shake your booty to the sounds coming from the Incline Trainer X9i Interactive. 


Effectively oversee your progress with the 7" Oversized Backlit Display. You can now glance at the console with disrupting your entire workout session. Be in total control only with the Incline Trainer X9i Interactive.


From the name itself -- interactive, expect to get as interactive as you can. The x9i is an incline trainer like no other. It is loaded with powerpacked features.


The Nordictrack Incline Trainer X9i Interactive is indeed a commendable machine. With extensive use, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, no doubt you'll be in shape in no time! Go ahead and jump in into fitness with the Incline Trainer X9i Interactive. 

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